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links of CURRENT UMBS members

Laura Andrews - Laura Andrews.com
Mary Arntsen - Mary Elne Designs
Jeff Barber - Lakeside Art Glass
Rebecca Bechel - Charmed Gifts, LLC
Brenda Brousseau - Luna C Bede
Jean Campbell - Jean Campbell
Doris Coghill - Dee's Place, LLC
Jackie Ferrian - Beadbury
Diane Fitzgerald - Beautiful Beads
Sheryle Givens - MJAS, LLC
Allie Hafez - OTIWA (Oh, That's Interesting! Wearable Art)

Karen Highness - Rush Studio
Devin Johnson - Makeshift Accessories
Kim Julen - Ideal Designs
Teri Kline - Designs by Kline
Michael Miessen - Value Beads
Wanda Pettijohn - Just One More Bead
Kathy Jo Rodester - Dragonfly Dreams Retreat Center, LLC
Monique Venne - Galtier Gems LLC
Marsha L. Wiest-Hines - Haute Ice Beadwork
Bobbie Wikre - Beadville USA


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